Thursday, May 14, 2009

Statues and Degory

I have this nephew named Degory and he is the most creative kid I have EVER met. You never know what his this awesome boy will come up with. One minute he is Captain Jack Sparrow and the next he is a Statue. For those of you who know him I know you know what I am talking about. These pictures are from Jared's wedding again but Degory decided he was a statue this night and at the temple the next day. He posed himself I just took the pictures. So enjoy looking at Degory in action. I know I did. He is hilarious!

Oh and by the way, each of these were in a different corner each time. We were at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building just outside the Roof restaraunt.

Degory is so fun to just sit back and watch. You never know where his imagination will take you and I love going where ever it is with him. He is so cute.

P.S. Degory's pants are on backwards in these pictures. Love it!!

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  1. Thanks during these blogs from me, Degory K. Day.

    Andrea, Deg's eyes lit up as he read the blog entry about him being a statue. My eyes lit up when I remembered he had his pants on backwards:)