Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Whole New World

First let me preface this by saying that my sister and I are VERY different people. But I really enjoy it. We balance really well. But for example, I played softball most of my life. (most of you already know that) But my sister is far better than I ever was at softball but she has no interest at all in pursuing it. She had such a future in the game and could not care less. It killed me a little to watch so much talent just go to waste but she just has no interest. Which is fine, I have come to learn.

Yesterday my mom and sister and I went shopping for a prom dress. When I was in high school I never cared to go to dances but she loves them. We got to the store (a whole new world to me that makes no sense.) Those dresses cost so dang much. I was shocked. Almost every dress there cost more than my wedding dress including alterations and jewelry. Now I realize I got an AMAZING deal on my dress but really, why do you need to spend so much on a dress you will never wear again.

All of that ranting aside, I really had fun with it. I thought I would not enjoy it but it was so fun to watch my sister try on dresses. I think her excitement rubbed off but it was really fun to watch her try on every (and I mean EVERY) dress in the store. We even made the person working there take the dress off the manequin. She looked gorgeous in almost every one of them.

We finally found the dress. It fit perfectly and looked so great on her and I am so excited for her. Because my mom and I are not really into that stuff we don't really take girl's days very often and that is what is so great about Rachael. She brings something to our lives we would normally miss out on. I really had fun shopping with my mom and Rachael and had fun watching Rachael play dress up. I am really glad that our families are blessed to have such different personalities.

Rachael looks so beautiful in her dress and will have so much fun!!!

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  1. Hooray! Now I can keep up with all the happenings of cute Andrea! You've officially made it to my blog list. Love the temple photo. I remember that day!