Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Disneyland '09

Disneyland is one of those places where no matter how old you are, you can't help but feel a little like a kid again. I love going there on our vacations. I am a total dork (I know SHOCK!) but I am when we go to Disneyland.
We went in February this year and we went for an entire week. We later decided that a week was just a little too long. It was a perfect time of year to go. The weather was clear and topped out at around 65 degrees. Which for me is perfect, I know most people don't think it is. We did not have to wait in a line that was more than 10 minutes. And we didn't really use fast passes at all the whole vacation.
We left on Sunday morning and arrived at our hotel on sunday afternoon. It was definately not the nicest hotel but it was just around the corner from disneyland and we figure when you are only going to sleep there then why worry too much about how nice it is.
On Monday morning we went and did the Character Breakfast. It was so fun, whether my family wants to make fun of me or not, it was. At one point we had the Fairy Godmother, Captain Hook, Chip or Dale and Eeyore at our table. It was so fun. It was a breakfast buffet for Jason and a Disney Character thing for me. There are TONS of characters. They are all over the place. We also saw Tigger and Rafiki and Minnie and Mickey. I really enjoyed it. It is kind of expensive but totally worth doing once. We want to make that a family tradition that we do at least once every time we visit Disneyland.

We had a lot of fun and will probably go back soon. Although my next goal is to go to Disney World. I have never been there. Well I hope you enjoy the pictures of our trip!


  1. I'm a dork too, Andrea! So much of a Disney dork that I am going with some girlfriends next week WITHOUT KIDS OR HUSBANDS!!! My kids aren't very happy with me but they'll get over it. I have a date with Mickey and I can't wait. I am a Disneyland freak...I have a problem!

  2. What a fun vacation! I can't wait until my kids are older so we can go. I haven't been in forever. I love Disneyland!