Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Catch Up.....

I am horrible at keeping up on blogging, but I am trying to get better. To tell the truth there is not that much to tell, lol.

This summer is going by so fast. I used to never understand why my parents said time went by so fast but the older I get the faster it moves. We have not done a whole lot but the few things we have done have been a lot of fun.

We recently went to the Schauerhamer family reunion. The first day we went to Seven Peaks, and to be totally honest Jason and I were not sure how excited we were for that part, except that we knew our nieces and nephews would be really fun. So we went and it was really actually a great day. We had a lot of fun seeing people we had not seen for years and catching up. It was really fun to see everyone have fun. Like seeing Aunt Joyce going on one of the water slides. Well to be honest, hearing her then seeing her. She had a blast, it was like she was a kid again. It was a very hot day and the water was a nice way to stay cool.

We spent most of the day with Stacy and her family. Kayla was a lot of fun, she would not go near the mushrooms in the kiddie pool that sprayed water, but the waves in the wave pool did not seem to phase her. Although they did knock her over, she is so tiny. Then David and his kids came and we spent some time with them. Eliza was so funny because she has no idea she can't swim. Even when she went under the water she was so mad that you would grab her and save her. Degory and his imagination is always so much fun. I love that he lets me be a part of his fun world. I am lucky to be his aunt.

The next day we went to a park in Provo Canyon. Jason and I had managed not to get sunburned at Seven Peaks at all, I was so proud of us. I mostly spent the day in the shade next to Courtney, the kids, and whoever else came to visit in the shade. I finally go to meet Jason's cousins, Shane, Shawn and Troy. He has told me so much about them and he really thinks a lot of them so it was fun to put faces to the names. We had a really fun time getting reacquainted with a lot of Jason's Schauerhamer side.

On July 3rd, we finally made a trip up to Evanston. We used to be so good at visiting but we have kind of faltered lately. We went on a hike to Mount Baldy (I think that's what it is called). It was a fun hike but a difficult one. The view was amazing and we really enjoyed seeing all the lakes from up there. We watched Degory and Eliza do sparklers and that was really fun. Eliza really got into swinging those sparklers in circles.

On the 4th we got to visit my family. I really enjoy talking to my parents, they are so much fun to be around. Then we went to Jason's parents for dinner and almost everybody was there. It was a lot of fun to listen to Jason, David and Jared tell us about growing up together. It was funny and informative. We did some sparkler with Kayla and Nathaniel and then Stacy, Jason, Danette, and I did some more.

We are very lucky to be able to see our families so much. I love that we are close both of our families. They are so much fun and so loving. We had a lot of fun at David and Liberty's they are so welcoming and I always love spending time with them, as soon as I leave I am planning my next visit. (I don't know how they feel about that, lol). LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

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